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Based on my own experience, it can feel overwhelming, even terrifying what pregnancy means for you, your body and your training routine. I am glad I deepened my knowledge via my PT and pre-and postnatal coach qualification and my network of health professionals so I can guide you through this exceptional phase.

I am a big believer that training is not just changing your body – it affects your mindset, your mood, your overall well-being and this should not stop while you are pregnant or recently gave birth. So, I want you to create your own Powerbody that makes you feel strong, healthy and most importantly proud of what your body can do while keeping you and your little one safe.

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Coaching Options

1-1 Coaching

This option is for you if you are thinking about becoming pregnant, being pregnant or you recently had a baby and you are unsure what that means when it comes to training.

What’s included:

  • 20-minute free video consultation call
  • Online or Face-Face (Surry Hills area) training
  • Stay active, healthy and safe with an individualised training program
  • Understand female anatomy and physiology to relate to the changes of your body
  • Benefit from pre-and postnatal nutrition guidance
$70 per session
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Educational workshops

This option is for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the physiological and psychological aspects of working with pre-and postnatal women so you can give them the care they need and deserve during this exceptional phase.

What’s included:

  • Intensive practical workshop to deepen your knowledge of female prenatal anatomical and physiological changes
  • Importance and functions of the pelvic floor
  • Pre-and postnatal psychological considerations and understanding the milestones during pregnancy
  • Pre-and postnatal nutrition guidance to support pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery
  • Exercise and program design for each trimester and postpartum phase
Price on request, please get in touch to find out more about this service.
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Common Questions


Yes absolutely – I train exclusively women and my main focus is to train with pre-and postnatal women.

The first step is to get clearance from your doctor. Once you are cleared, we will have an initial chat so I can get an update on your medical and injury history so we can make sure that your training program is safe for you and your little one.

Absolutely – due to my own experience I know exactly how hard it can be to train while being sick and nauseous. As such I understand how important it is to allow for a flexible schedule.

If you want to train F2F, you have the option to choose between training at a park in Surry Hills or at my home with access to a little gym. The benefit of F2F training is that I will organise the equipment and you will enjoy a variety of training exercise with and without weight/cardio equipment. Online option works perfectly fine as well, however your training program variety will depend on your own equipment or commitment to invest in a few training basics such as resistance bands and or dumbbells.

This depends on when my little one will arrive. At the moment, I will stop training clients from 22nd of July 2022 and recommence at the beginning of 2023. However, I am open to extend your training commitment week by week depending on my own pregnancy status.