“Exercise is a celebration of 

what the body can do”

-Kevin Ng

For a long time, I have struggled with body image issues, comparisionitis, obsession about the number on the scale and most and foremost anxiety of falling pregnant and what this would mean for my body.

But then I fell pregnant and I discovered what our bodies are capable of. Our bodies are creating a human and we should enjoy this journey as much as possible – and I mean pregnancy, giving birth and transition to motherhood – every single moment because let’s face it, the work we are doing is pretty incredible.

Hi, I'm Elke

I am a pre-and postnatal coach and my passion is to help women to thrive on their pregnancy and postpartum journey by staying strong, nourished and connected to their bodies.

I’m a mom to a little boy and hoping to add a few more of those miracles to our family. I am more excited about my career than I have ever been – and the main reason is YOU and I am so glad you are here.

I am here to support you on your journey, so you are ready for the best job in the world. I will help you to understand how to train safely, how and when to return to exercise after birth, how to nourish your body, how to juggle a training routine while looking after your baby and most and foremost to find confidence in your unique body.

Because, on behalf of your babes, you’re doing an amazing job. Never forget that.

Working together

Move & Nourish

1-1 Fitness Coaching

My 1:1 coaching program is going to teach you how to move and nourish your body while getting strong physically and mentally throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

What you will achieve over 12 weeks

In the 12 weeks 'Move & Nourish' program, we will focus on:

  • establishing a training routine & safe workout programs tailored to each trimester or postpartum stage,

  • how to nourish your body & understanding the ins and outs of pregnancy weight gain and postpartum weight loss,

  • how you can feel connected to your body when life gets too busy & so much more.

    Together, we will find the things that work for YOU to build your confidence so you can shine as a mama and in every aspect of your life.

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    What my clients say

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    Let’s get in touch if you have questions about my program and working together. I’d love to hear from you. 

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