Common Questions


Yes absolutely – I train exclusively women and my main focus is to train with pre-and postnatal women.

The first step is to get clearance from your doctor. Once you are cleared, we will have an initial chat so I can get an update on your medical and injury history so we can make sure that your training program is safe for you and your little one.

Absolutely – due to my own experience I know exactly how hard it can be to train while being sick and nauseous. As such I understand how important it is to allow for a flexible schedule.

If you want to train F2F, you have the option to choose between training at a park in Surry Hills or at my home with access to a little gym. The benefit of F2F training is that I will organise the equipment and you will enjoy a variety of training exercise with and without weight/cardio equipment. Online option works perfectly fine as well, however your training program variety will depend on your own equipment or commitment to invest in a few training basics such as resistance bands and or dumbbells.

This depends on when my little one will arrive. At the moment, I will stop training clients from 22nd of July 2022 and recommence at the beginning of 2023. However, I am open to extend your training commitment week by week depending on my own pregnancy status.